Aspects Of Writing

Monday, March 12, 2012

Aspects of Writing Tonight at 9:PM KLAV 1230AM Radio

Aspects of Writing

     - Guest Spotlight -

March 12th Show - MANUSCRIPT EVALUATION: We will discuss the importance of editing, how to get an editor, formatting, and programs that are available to help with the writing process.

My guest will be -

J.A. Wilkins; Jo Wilkins is the president/founder of the Henderson Writer’s Group, and the Chief Executive officer for Mystic Publishers, a company that helps qualified writers who want to bring their work to the public by self-publishing. Her work includes short stories and poetry in about a dozen anthologies. She is currently in negotiations regarding her first murder mystery.

Maxwell Alexander Drake; Drake is an award-winning sci-fi and fantasy author who also has several Graphic Novel Projects out, and now a musical.

Denny Griffin; Denny wrote his first novel, The Morgue, in 1996. He currently has seven mystery/thrillers published.

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