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Monday, March 19, 2012

Don Lewis Barnhart will be on the show March 26th.

Don Lewis Barnhart will be on the show March 26th. Tune in to hear what he has to say. Don directed such television shows as "Benson", "Mork and Mindy", "Saved by the Bell" and more.

For the past 32 years, Don Lewis Barnhart has Directed, Assistant Directed and Stage Managed hundreds of Network television shows in all formats, including single and multiple cameras, on stage and on locations.

His directing credits include, Mork & Mindy, Benson, Full House, Hardknocks, pilots; Here to stay and The O'Briens. He also directed 85 episodes of the syndicated series, Comedy Break, multiple episodes of Down To Earth, Safe at Home, Rocky Road, Madam's Place and a three hour live Network show entitled Celebrate America.

Mr. Barnhart has also directed 8 seasons of the very popular NBC teenage series, Saved by the Bell (over 200 episodes seen here and in 85 countries) and three seasons of California Dreams, over 40 episodes. When 'SBTB' became a huge success, Mr. Barnhart directed the NBC Movie Of the Week, 'Saved by the Bell, Hawaiian Style'. Swapping a swimsuit for snowshoes, he traveled to Canada and directed multiple episodes of Fox's popular show, Student Bodies.

Mr. Barnhart recently directed 'Meet the Nominees' for the Director's Guild of America for the past five consecutive years, a yearly event and in 1996, he was the recipient of the prestigious 'Franklin J. Schaffner award'. Don has also had the wild and unique experience of directing both Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters at the same time! No awards for that, but he did learn comedy.

If you're scoring, it's 342 directed shows. And still counting. His shows appear on syndicated channels on a daily basis. In fact, Saved By the Bell airs four episodes daily.

Earlier, as an Assistant director, Don worked on many TV specials. Among them, the Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra and Ringo Starr specials. He has logged over 1000 hours of the daytime drama, General Hospital and never called in sick. His film AD work includes, McCloud, The Bionic Woman and Baretta, where, maybe he should've.

Way earlier, Don has directed many stage plays and has performed as an actor in repertory and community theatre companies throughout the Pacific Northwest and at the Callboard theatre, the Attic theatre and The First Stage theatre in Los Angeles. He spent the entire 'sixties' as a popular radio personality on many stations in many towns.

Mr. Barnhart loves the writing process and has created a number of screenplays and television concepts that are currently being professionally 'pitched'. He is hard at work on the next one.

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