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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Aspects of writing guest actor Bobby Vigeant June 19th 2012

Aspects of writing guest actor Bobby Vigeant June 19th 2012

Bobby Vigeant is a Native Rhode Islander born into a family with two brothers and one sister. His Mother raised all four of the children on her own as his father died when he was six years old. Bobby grew up an athlete and always kept himself in Fantastic Physical Condition and understood the Value of Intelligent Nutrition! Bobby also studied Theatrcial Acting throughout High School and went on to further studies in various Theatrical Focus Groups in Rhode Island. Bobby has been a Ballroom Dance Instructor a Martial Artist, Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer! Bobby majored in most sports during high school and went on to become a Home Builder in the Construction Industry and the Real Estate market for a number of years. Bobby then decided to follow his Passion for Physical Fitness and educating others in this field as a starter level employee for the Bally Health + Fitness Chain in the United States. He Quickly Rose through the Ranks in this organization and ended up becoming an Area Director for this company after living and working in four different states, in charge of multi numbers of Health Clubs handling Educational Programs, Sales Training, Physiological Studies and Nutritional Training for his employees and customers at each facility. In 1994 Bobby moved to Florida and Opened a Chain of Health Clubs and Created a New Way of Intermingling Health Clubs and Chiropractic Services for Injury Patients and their Rehabilitation Services after recovery of Injury inside of one facility. Each Health Club Incorporated a Chiropractors Office where Patients and Club Members could stop into to get Reparatory Work tended to and also check in with the clubs Chiropractor for any Physiological Needs they might have. It was an Innovative Step in the Health Club Industry and was "Ground Breaking", to say the least, which also became the Standard in the Health Club Industry around the Country!


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