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Friday, August 3, 2012

Aspects of writing: Guest David Breslow

David blends his direct experience as a Performance Coach,  Athlete, Corporate Trainer, Health Professional , Author and Actor to create an approach that is The Straightest Line From Where You Are--To Where You Want To Be. It's called, "Wired to Win". As the Founder of The Personal Best Academy,  David helps people "wake up" to see their brilliance and get what they want more quickly and with greater consistency no matter where you live, work or play.

David is founder of The Personal Best Academy ,Speaker and Author of the groundbreaking books, "Wired to Win" and "7Laws of Human Performance--21 Days to Transform the Way You Live, Work and Play". His clients include Business Professionals, Pro/Amateur athletes, Salespeople, Entrepreneurs and Actors/Show Business Professionals and anyone who wants to experience real shifts in the way they live, work or play.

David was voted "Most Requested Coach" by Ameritech Leadership, the weekly Mental Game columnist for The Golf Channel and appeareda on TGC on"Academy Live." David is also the guest speaker at PGA and LPGA educational workshops, LaCosta Resort and Spa as well as numerous clubs, organizations and businesses. In addition he is host of his own radio show called, "Your Personal Best" and has been a guest on ESPN and WGN radio   .


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